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Is Networking Necessary or NOT?

Networking is and also is not necessary. And let me share with you my opinion.


In November 2015 I’ve become a member of Speakers Club with Paul Ardeleanu & Eliza Nițescu as founders. Our twice a month sessions are like gold for me. Why? Because first of all I practice public speaking and during the sessions we have education moments. Secondly because during the sessions some pretty great ideas come to my mind when all of our minds come together. It’s amazing what this kind of interaction does!

Last night’s session had the word networking as the main theme. The way we all find different perspectives about networking, made me realize once again the power of a mastermind interaction. (you can read the article – Why Should You Tell People Your Dream)


One particular question appeared in my mind when think about what to say about networking in my 5 minutes speech.

What can you do if you are at the beginning and you need to make a relationship circle?

I had this situation in March 2015 when I’ve decided to facilitate my first mastermind group on Leadership Laws.

I did what was expected of me to do. I’ve talked with my friends and invited them to my sessions. I knew many people and is almost impossible that I won’t bring at least 10 people, right?

WRONG! I had ZERO participants. Even my best friend from kinder garden didn’t come.


Why is that and what can I do to bring 10 people to my mastermind sessions?

  1. I reflected on what I did wrong – people know me as an IT developer, not as a trainer.

Since when you can call yourself a leadership trainer?! Ha?

I can proof you that I can do this because I am a John Maxwell trainer, I’ve study the materials in the last 3 months. I am ready, just come!

Just like that I hadn’t realize that I don’t have friends who are interested in studying leadership. So I started to look for new friends and to do some networking.

2. I’ve found a solution – I set a new date to begin my mastermind sessions and until them I must do networking. I went to an event about leadership – people who are interested in leadership would go to such an event, right?

Right 🙂

I had to have courage to promote my sessions but I did it. I have presented myself and when people ask what do I do I said I facilitate mastermind sessions on leadership. And from their answer & curiosity I continued my conversation or not.

3. I used social media – I created a public facebook event and I repeatedly posted it on different groups.

So… What I am trying to say is that I really needed networking to facilitate my first mastermind group. And in the first session I brought 8 new people. I did a great job!

To return to the main question of this article – Is Networking Necessary? – I would say it depends.

Networking IS NOT necessary if:

  • you’re ok with the circle of friends/relations you have
  • you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone
  • you have all it takes to do your professional activity
  • your life is as good as it can get

Networking IS necessary if you:

  • want to increase you present circle of friends/relationships you have
  • have an opportunity you want to share with people
  • want access to the opportunities that others offer
  • seek client & business partners
  • connect with people you know know personally.

If we need networking or not is only our choice and it depends on what we want.

Have an intentional day!

Mădălina G.

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