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Are you speaking the language of the dog or the cat?

When do you think about different types of language what comes in mind first? In the book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie, I found out what 90% of people do when it comes to communication. Do you know what is one of the biggest mistakes when you communicate something to [...]

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Povestea Ghindei

În luna ianuarie 2017 am organizat un workshop pe leadership în București în care am prezentat povestea ghindei. Am găsit imaginea din filmul Ice Age și imediat m-a dus cu gândul la povestea următoare.   Povestea ghindei Era odată o ghindă care avea puterea să ajungă cel mai înalt și longeviv stejar din lume. Ea a aterizat [...]

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Povestea celor 5 lovituri de topor

Povestea celor 5 lovituri de topor Era odată un bătrânel care avea în spatele casei un stejar pe care voia să îl taie. Avea la dispoziție un topor și atât care să îl ajute să doboare copacul. Bătrânul se trezea în fiecare dimineață, lua toporul și se ducea la stejar și dădea 1... 2... 3... [...]

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What happens every time you skip your daily routine

My daily routine When I did my leadership test - giving point to the 21 qualities that a leader must have (from John Maxwell), I realized that I lack at self-discipline. I just can get through and stick to a daily routine more than few days. In March I started a skin care routine that [...]

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Hi! My name is… but I can’t remember yours

I have difficulties in remember people's name Remember the last  big event you attended. Did you meet a bunch of new people there? Did they tell you their names? How many of those names and faces can you remember now? If you are not that good at remembering names, this article is for you. But [...]

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Motivational Trend

Did you notice today's trend? Did you notice today's trend? Everywhere you look on social media there are many motivational quotes and videos. There is a motivational trend. This trend on motivational words began in the past . People like Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, Emerson and Ford achieved a great awareness level and they [...]

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