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Personal Growth Really Sucks!

Why do I say personal growth sucks?

Personal growth sucks because I didn’t know how much you can become if you make one little change.

Until a year and few months ago I was fine, I was peaceful and pleased with everything I had. Meanwhile something happened. And I’d be damn if I had anticipated it.

One day I reflected about my life. BIG mistake! Soon I realized that:

  • my job doesn’t fulfill me
  • the center of my life was me, not my family
  • I was sick of the routine job-home-sleep-job-home-sleep.

I didn’t do anything but this routine. And most important is that I’ve put my dreams on the side – “I will do it someday”.


And all of a sudden I’ve decided to make a change – just one! I’ve decided to begin to pay attention to people that I interact with. Damn it! My whole life changed by this one thought!


With this change I began a journey with no turning back.

I have started to:

  • make new friends
  • increase my level of influence (almost absent until that moment)
  • find out information extremely useful that I couldn’t find out any other way.


  • Wouldn’t it be better for me to just sit down on my coach and watch TV shows all day?
  • Wouldn’t it be better for me to justz go to work and be happy with my salary & the system from my job?

Noooooo! I have decided not to be content about any of this! And from this point on I’ve began my journey in personal growth.


I tell you from my experience – it sucks when:

  • you don’t have patience anymore and want to do something you haven’t done before!
  • people recognizes your passion and will begin to associate your passion with you
  • you notice the results of the decisions you’ve made
  • you promise yourself you will eat only marmalade with bread so you can fulfill your dream
  • and most of all it SUCKS when the help you needed to take a step toward your dream will come to you sooner than you think

It’s so that personal growth sucks when it takes you out of your comfort zone and brings you in from of new wonderful possibilities? I a one way trip. There is no turning back.

It’s like once you’ve learn how to write, you can’t be a person who doesn’t write anymore. You deliberately can’t. Right?

So it sucks when you know better and you just can’t be ignorant anymore. Your life won’t let you be mediocre so that you can sit down on your couch all day. And for some, this can suck because they hadn’t anticipated it.

I know for me personal growth sucked 🙂

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