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A Simpler Method to Fulfill New Year’s Wish in 2016

Are you familiar with New Year’s resolution? Did you succeeded in make your dream come true that year? Isn’t it frustrating to make a wish every New Year’s Eve and that wish don’t come true? For me is frustrating.

What do you think are the reasons the majority of people don’t fulfill their dreams?

I figure something out and I want to share with you a method that guarantees your success in 2016. I’ve also post this article on linkedin.

The week between Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Before the year ends did it happened to you to think about what:

  • did you achieved
  • you didn’t achieved
  • do you want to achieve next year

In the past few years I’ve really thought about it. And the week between Christmas and New Year seems to be the perfect period of the year to think about it.

It turns out that I am not the only one who during the last week of the year thinks about the achievements. Many global leaders do and encourage that.

Isn’t it wonderful to think about that at the same time with you billions of people do the same thing?

Could our power combined do miracles or great things in the world? I bet!

What happened?

In 2014 I’ve read an article (sadly I couldn’t find the source anymore) on how to set our New Year’s resolutions in the most intelligent way possible. The author suggested instead of a large list with many goals, to choose just 1 word which can define our next year. It will be easier to remember this one word as a guidance than to carry with us a list with 20-30 goals. Right?

Choosing 1 word to define our next year is a simpler way to assure you will fulfill your dream.

What did I accomplished?

I did this suggestion back on 31.12.2014 when I’ve chosen my 2015 word to be ACTION. And guess what?!

I’ve taking many actions this year than previous years. Here are some things I’ve accomplished:

  • certified John Maxwell trainer, coach & speaker
  • Speakers Club member to train myself as a speaker (I’ve post 3 speeches so far)
  • have met many great people (my facebook friends increased considerable
  • participated at many event about leadership, about public speaking and sales
  • practiced a lot communication and connecting skills & principles
  • just put my professional life to a new high level

… just because I’ve chosen to take actions a little bit than before.

I chose

For 2016 I have chosen the word BUSINESS because I want to take to a professional level the development I’ve started over a year ago.

I also statement this belief in video in Romanian Cuvânt pentru 2016 | Mădălina Ghinescu | Speakers Club.

Last night I had an online session with 4 great people. We talked about how to transmute our thoughts and wishes in actions in 2016. Each of us set 1 word for themselves. I heard words like HEALTH, PROJECT, DREAM, BUSINESS.

Isn’t this a great tool to make sure you fulfill your dream? I do think that and I want to thank to the author who inspired me with this tool.


What do you think about this tool? Will you do the same exercise like us did? What word will you choose?

Magical Christmas & A Fabulous New Year!


Mădălina Ghinescu


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