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Why Should You Tell People Your Dreams?

Do you have any dreams? Do you tell people about your dreams? What do they say? Why should you tell people your dreams? Is there a meaning for doing this?

Let me share with you my perspective and you can leave your perspective as a comment to this post.



Since I’d become a recognized John Maxwell trainer I’ve realized the true value of being part of a mastermind group.

I and a few friends of mine study Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and we support each other to accomplish you personal goals.

With every new session of our mastermind group I come out with a high new perspective about my life.

Last night a new perspective came and it hit me like an ice bucket over my head. And it damn cold!


What happened?

  • I have become more aware about how to materialize dreams. Pay attention.
  • First the idea comes as an intuition.
  • Then the intuition becomes thought
  • Then thought comes with a great desire to be express using words
  • It’s an verbal expression of your desire
  • You verbalize it
  • Aaaand as soon as it creates sounds, your desire has a physical shape, right? The ears of people who hear us capture the sounds that we are making and so the sounds exist.
  • All is simple so far – is the natural process of verbal expression

Is like a tree in a tropical virgin forest where no one is around for hundreds of miles. If that tree falls, is it making any noise? Think about it for a moment before you rush into finding the solution.


A little exercise for imagination

If I tell you that right now I am standing besides a white horse what you think about? It about that white horse? I know I would this about a white worse if somebody will tell me that.

Let’s take this a little further.

If I tell you I am an international speaker and that I just did a speech in front of 50 people. My speech motivated people, encouraged them and made them taking action, what would you think about? Did you visualized the room full with 50 people? Did you imagine the energy and the dynamics in the room?

When somebody tells you with details what they did on New Year’s Eve like they went to that restaurant and the light was somehow gold and people were very elegant and you can hear the classical music in the background. What would you think about? Did you imagine what I just said?


Why should you tell people your dreams?

Because as you can figure out, people materialize the thoughts as soon as they use language to express them and by making other people to imagine those thoughts.

If I express my dream verbally to many people I can, I make those people to imagine my vision in their minds. They see me as a international speaker also because I have created this image in their minds. So other people can contribute to my dream by adding energy to it.

I just multiply the image in my head in other people’s mind. In this context, do you think that my dream will come true?

You bet! It’s what Enzo Ferrari did when he wanted to create the fastest car in the history and he presented his vision to key people who could help him. You can watch the video with Romania subtitle here – Enzo Ferrari.


How about you?

How can you use this idea of mine to materialize your dreams? Com’on, I know you have one, right? Express it!

I wish that you could scream your dream so loud to as many people as you can so it could come to my hears.


Mădălina Ghinescu

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