Today I choose to write about the most effective way to network with anyone on the Globe. This most effective way is based on the rule of 6 degrees of separation (source: Wikipedia).

Last week I’ve finished 3 recent mastermind groups on leadership with 9 wonderful people who also became my friends. In the last session meeting I’ve had another “AHA” moment. This is how I call those moment when I become aware of something new & powerful.

I want to share this “AHA” moment with you. You couldn’t know who it could help you in the future.


The rule of 6 degrees of separation

6 degrees of separation

Some time ago, I have read online about the rule of 6 degrees of separation. This rule means that between you and any other person on the planet you want to connect there is a
chain of a maximum of 6 people.

To illustrate this, I use the photo of a graph that best describes the rule.


To connect any point with any other point in the image there are maximum 6 points in between connected as a chain.

What is the connecting between Charlotte Church & the Dictator of North Korea?

Another great example to demonstrate the rule of 6 degrees of separation is the next photo. In this example there are 4 people in between to create a connection from Charlotte Church to Kim Jong-il.

6 degrees of separation

Now that you have an idea about the rule of 6 degrees of separation, how can you use it to serve you for a great purpose?


I invite you to think for a few minutes about somebody (alive) you really want to connect to. It can be anything – an actor, a songwriter, a celebrity, a businessman, a spiritual leader etc. If you have chosen in your mind that person, now it’s time for you to do some research and write down the chain of maximum 6 people who can help you connect with the person you thought about.

This is an exercise of imagination and research. And I tell you honestly that I feel really good to know that I can connect with anybody on this planet (alive 😉 ) no matter how famous it can be.



Let’s go back to my “AHA” moment that I was talking about at the beginning of this article.

Being a certified trainer in the worldwide John Maxwell Team, I am an important link in the 6 people chain. Allow me to tell you why.

I often facilitate mastermind groups on leadership laws. I am a FACILITATOR, not an EXPERT in leadership. As a facilitator I organize meeting session to get together at the same table different people, people who in any other circumstances they couldn’t have met. I facilitated their meet-up.

Being part of this worldwide team, I have access to the best materials on leadership directly from John Maxwell and I share it with you during mastermind group  and workshops.

John Maxwell is #1 expert on leadership & communication (says and he collaborates directly with companies in Fortune 500. And because John is the best, he has a team and in his team are the best people in the world as trainers on public speaking, coaching, sales & marketing etc.

My “AHA” Moment

John Maxwell Team members are being trained by the best in the world and we assure that we deliver to you our best that we can be.

I have realized that I am an important link in the 6 people chain for you to connect with John Maxwell, #1 global expert on leadership & communication. This next image can show you that.

6 degrees of separation

Mădălina Ghinescu, certified John Maxwell Team member knows Sorin Popa, the President of John Maxwell Team Romania, who knows and collaborates directly with Paul Martinelli, who is the President of John Maxwell Team & business partner with John C. Maxwell, #1 expert on leadership & communication. Only 3 people can be between you and John. The only thing you have to do is to include me in your connections.


I invite you to let a comment about your way of acting upon the rule of 6 degrees of separation and about your “AHA” moments if you had one.


Mădălina G.