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What the heck leadership is? Part I

We hear often the word “Leadership”. Did you asked yourself what leadership is? I did. And I went through a hard process until I could finally say I know what leadership is. I want to share this process with you. So – what the heck leadership is? 🙂


I am Mădălina Ghinescu and since 2015 I started to develop my skills as a trainer and coach on leadership. This article is the first part of What the heck is leadership?. The title may seem a little harsh but this is the exact question I asked myself when I first heard the word leadership.

How all of this started?

When I started to study and practice leadership, I didn’t expect much. I said if I can understand it, what is leadership and how it can help me, I would have achieved my purpose. What I didn’t know then is that once you enter the world of leadership, it’s no turning back. The more I learned about leadership, the more I find out that there is much more to know about it.

What happens when you discover leadership?

What can I tell you from this point on is that once you begin develop your leadership skills, you can’t lose it anymore. It’s yours. It’s within you. Your life improves. But what I really noticed is that your relationships with friends, colleagues, family, boss or employees start to improve.

Before we go further, let’s think for a moment what leadership means.


How do you answer to the question – what leadership is?

Let’s think about it for 2-3 minutes. What is leadership from your perspective? What answer do you have? It’s really important to answer to the question before we go forward. Let me first tell you why.


How lazy is our mind

Today many people use technology in everything. Which is good because technology helps us to improve our lives. But many of us fall in a trap and that includes me. Every time I need an answer to some question, I google it. To give you an example, I ask you to solve this puzzle – puzzle that I’ve googled the solution.

leadership Link all 9 dots with maximum 4 straight lines without lifting the pen and without tracing the same line more than once.

This is called 9 dots puzzle.

I wanted to reduce my thinking time so I quickly google the solution. Instead of putting my brain to think, to figure out the solution on my own and to use my creativity, I became lazy and started to use external solutions. 

When I realized what I’ve done – not letting my mind to think – I remembered a story about Henry Ford. This story has something to do with unnecessary things.

Don’t fill your mind with unnecessary stuff

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was accused of ignorance during a trial. The attorneys accused him not having general knowledge. They asked him questions on general knowledge which Ford didn’t know the answer. To defend himself, Ford said something like:

” If I really want to answer any of the questions you’ve asked, I would remind you that I have in my office a row of electrical buttons  and by pressing the right buttons I can call men ready to answer any questions related to what business affair I focus on. Why fill my mind with a series of general knowledge (in order to answer questions ) if I have people around me that can give my all knowledge is required ? ” – Henry Ford

Isn’t it beautiful? What’s the use on remembering all unnecessary stuff when you can find them a click away, right?

But remember to think

But remember to use your brain when is required. Don’t just wait for the answer to come to you. Because you know the expression – Use it or lose it – it’s also true for people’s ability to think. Do you agree? Henry Ford and Albert Einstein used their mind a lot. Napoleon Hill’s book – Think & Grow Rich helps us to remember to think.

So stay a little bit and think about what leadership is to you. What is your perspective about this subject?

I will give you 4 week before I post the part II of this article where I give you my perspective.

Your answer can be as comment on this article.


Remember! There aren’t right or wrong answers to this question if you truly talk about leadership. There are just different perspective on this subject.

I can’t wait to find out your answers and I promise you I will give you a new challenge in the next part of this article.


Until then, have an intentional day!


Mădălina Ghinescu


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