Did you notice today’s trend?

Did you notice today’s trend? Everywhere you look on social media there are many motivational quotes and videos. There is a motivational trend.

This trend on motivational words began in the past . People like Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, Emerson and Ford achieved a great awareness level and they wanted to share it with the whole world. When people realized that success is right there in front of them, some of them wanted to do things a little bit different. They started to use the knowledge to build financial and professional success.

Today all around me I see trainers and speakers who can show us how to achieve our personal success – happiness, money, family, career and so on.

And with all this premise and much more, people started a motivational trend. But as this trend was greater and greater, the motivational words began to lose their own meaning.


Motivational words began to lose their own meaning

For example, last week I saw this motivational quotesource: http://quoteaddicts.com/290537

Trust your instinct to the end, thought you can render no reason – Emerson.


I posted it on my facebook. Why? Because is a trend to post things like that. But I didn’t take time to understand the true meaning of words. I just posted them.

What’s wrong here?

Everywhere you look there is at least one motivational quote, video or somebody to say – You can do it!. So today’s trend about motivational words killed the real meaning of them.

You can do it!

I believe that when people said those words, they really meant them, they really took time to test them and after that, they share them with the world, right?

The main disadvantage in motivational trend

The main disadvantage about this trend is that motivational quotes and videos are like commercials today. We see them everywhere – on TV, on the internet, on building, on magazines – that we don’t see them anymore. For our brain they are negligible amount.

I find this really sad because motivational words are very powerful and they really can change our lives.

So what can we do about it?

I began to do something different. When I post a motivational quote, I put my personal achievement about that quote – how that quote helped me or what is my personal example to proof it.

Other than this I didn’t find anything… yet. I am working on it.

My question for you is…

what’s next?

What is the next step about movational world? Will this help us in the future? With what will it be replaced? What the next trend will be?

source: http://www.goliath.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/wallpapers-think-different-steve-jobs-rip-hd-best-wallpaper-bestthink-144497.jpg


In the next article I won’t answer to these questions because I don’t have the answers. But I want to talk about how I achieved a different level of awareness during a public event. Since then I have seen things a little bit different – like Steve Jobs said – Think different.