17th October 2016 was a big day for me. Was the day I met John C. Maxwell at his Leadership Event in Bucharest facilitated by brandminds.

My day started at 5.00 a.m. I woke up this early because I had to print my ticket to the event before 8.00 a.m. when John Maxwell would have an exclusive meeting with members from John Maxwell Team. My lack of attention caused me not seing the note on my ticket (“This e-ticket is valid only in a printed version”).

The night before

The night before, Sorin Popa suggested me to go to a hotel to try to print the ticket. Great, I didn’t have to go all the way to my office to print it.

I must say I didn’t sleep much that night because I wanted to be able to wake up on time. So I did, but I felt tired. My eyes were like I didn’t have a good night sleep.

I had to wear high heels because I wanted to be presentable and I wasn’t able to take a taxi because I didn’t have enough money in my wallet (again my lack of attention – it didn’t occurred to me I would need money). So I walked to the subway station. It was still dark and it poured. While walking I tried to remember if subway is open at 6 a.m. And I was very confident that it was open. When I arrived there, I just whispered “Yey!”. My legs started to hurt a little bit.

In the subway I started to sweat because of the heat. I praied for my deodorant to be effective. So it was.

Soon I arrived to my destionation. Luckly there was a hotel near the National Theater so I went there to print my ticket.

I finally arrived

At 6.37 I had my ticket printed and I walked to the National Theater to meet some of my colleagues. Of course I didn’t find the entrance at first but hey, I visited the place a little bit.

At 6.52 I met with some of the staff.

In the next minutes we searched for some coffee. It wasn’t ready yet. People need coffee early in the morning J

Colleagues from John Maxwell Team started to arrieve and we met, talked and took pictures. I haven’t seen some of them since June, from our last Certification Event in Cluj so we wanted to catch up.

Then I spotted some guy with coffee! Aha!20161017_083438

“Excuse me, where can we get coffee?” He explain to me and so I went to find the Holy Coffee Machine. Of course, I didn’t find it right away. But eventually I did. There was another girl with me and we helped each other to carry the coffee cups.

When I got registered to the event I was peaceful and I could relax. Until I saw myself in a window. My black stockings didn’t suit my dress. So I asked somebody who clearly knows fashion. My intuition was right, they didn’t suit. And then I started to wonder where can I find some skin color stockings. One of my colleagues helped me with this. When it was finally 8.00 a.m. I was ready to meet John Maxwell.

I was impressed when I saw him. He really adds value to people. But enough for the first part of the article Meeting John C. Maxwell. Stay tuned for the second part where I t
alk about what impressed me the most and what great ideas came to me when I first met John C. Maxwell.


To be continued…