My daily routine

When I did my leadership test – giving point to the 21 qualities that a leader must have (from John Maxwell), I realized that I lack at self-discipline. I just can get through and stick to a daily routine more than few days.

In March I started a skin care routine that I had to stick to it for 3 months. I had to make my skin care routine in the morning and in the evening. I tried and tried to make my skin care routine twice a day, but there where to many days when I was pleased if I had only one. My main goal was to train myself on self-discipline.


On 21st November, after my birthday, I was more and more determined to start another skin care routine. And so I did. Since then I didn’t miss any of the morning AND evening skin care treatment. And this is my 15th day. And I will keep on going.


Did you also tried to start a daily routine and failed?

If yes, let me tell you my experience with my daily skin care routine.

What you should do first?

  1. Find a very good reason why you must do the routine – mine was to treat my dry skin


      2. Put a calendar where you can see it daily – I didn’t find any small calendar in the house, so I wrote the day on a piece of paper and put it on the shelter in the bathroom where I keep my skin care products.

daily routine


This way I will keep track on every day I do the routine and also the days I skip. You might say I could use my phone to keep track. I use my phone for a whole lot of things and often it will distract me to keep track on my skin care treatment. (I use my phone to keep track on my German Learning progress with Duolingo)



      3. If you miss one day, don’t get frustrated. If you get frustrated, your mind will take advantage of this and will softly whisper to you – Why should you bother with this routine? You already failed. You missed one day!


Remember: Your mind knows and uses ALL (I mean ALL) of your weaknesses against you. If you will remember this every time your mind whispers something to hold you back, eventually you will control your mind


     4. Your daily routine is not about not skipping a day. Your daily routine is to create a pattern in your mind and your actions that it will be automatic. As I woke up in the morning, when I went to the bathroom and saw the calendar, I immediately remembered to to my treatment. 

So keep on going even if you miss the routine. Create a pattern. And it will help you to really do your routine daily.


But let me tell you what happens if you skip many days of your routine

In my case, my skin care routine says I must do my treatment daily. Not once a week. Why? Because I won’t see the best results at the end of those 90 days. If I don’t, I won’t be able to blame them that my treatment didn’t work, will I? 

When I am very tired to do my skin care routine, I remember the story of Milo from Croton. I have the end in mind, and I know that is the way to do it. 

If I skip one day, I will lose the momentum and all that I achieved up until that moment will be lost. And is like, I neglect all my past effort to do the treatment.

If I skip one day, like I said, I will feel like I already failed.


You want to create a daily routine to self-develop?

If you do want, I want also to share with you my example. 

I imagine a person that also wants to start a daily routine on self-development on the same day I start. 

If I skip one day, that imaginary person will do the routine; it will continue the process. And by the end of the month for example, that imaginary person will be better than me by the days that I skipped. 

It could also help you if you took that imaginary person to be one of your mentors.