I don’t deserve all the blessings in my life

Yesterday I received an important lesson from someone very dear to me regarding deserving.

Many times in the past I was very grateful for all the great things that happened to me, that I am happy, that I have my family next to me, supporting me, that I am healthy.

But at the same time, I was thinking of all the wrong I did to the people I love or even to strangers.
And immediately I was thinking “I don’t deserve all the blessings in my life. I am not worthy.”

And guess what happens when you think again and again that you are not worthy?

The blessings will stop coming into your life.

So I got to ask you:
When was the last time you thought you are not worthy or you don’t deserve something?
If so, would you rather be deprived of all the blessings in your life just because you think you don’t deserve it?
I don’t think you do. Nobody wants that.

So what can you do to think you are worthy?

1. The world won’t tell you how worthy you are. 
Unless you are lucky enough to have someone in your life to tell you (constantly) how worthy you are, you are the only one who should make you believe you deserve it

2. Seek for those people who are spiritually evolved enough to tell you all your good qualities
Ask your family or friends what are those qualities that you have (not flaws)

3. If you were not worthy, you wouldn’t have all the blessings in your life right now
This is due to the Universal Law of Vibration. You attract in your life the circumstances, the people and the opportunities that are on the same level of vibration as you
So if you feel blessed is because YOU ARE WORTHY of it!

Do you have any other idea of how someone can believe is worthy? I invite you to share with us in a comment below!