When do you think about different types of language what comes in mind first?

In the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, I found out what 90% of people do when it comes to communication.

Do you know what is one of the biggest mistakes when you communicate something to others?

You tell it in your own language.
Look at the photo with the dog and the cat. 
They speak in their own language because is the language they know.
When they speak in their own language, the other cannot understand.

How can you bring your idea inside the other’s mind?
Speak his/her language.

If you are the dog and you don’t know catian (invented word for the language cats are speaking 😉 ) or you are the cat and you don’t know dogian (invented word for the language dogs are speaking), then you can do these:
1. learn catian/dogian
2. if you don’t have time to learn the new language, then pay attention to the words the cat/dog is saying and steal the words. If he says MEOW, you insert some MEOWs in your speech. If he says BARK, then use it yourself.
3. create a story around your idea and sell the story to the other
4. ask someone who knows the other’s language to help you transfer your message.

Which of these 4 methods are you willing to use next time you want your idea to be understood and, much more, to be adopted by the others?